By JEAN E. DYERMANE and JOE PEREZ-MITCHELLENA home for home decorations in downtown Indianapolis was sold Wednesday for about $1.8 million.

The sale, which was made in partnership with a company called Diy, is one of a handful of Indianapolis properties being sold off in the area of the new Convention Center, which is being built for the World Series.

The Diy home was bought by a group of individuals who want to put up a home in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, according to a statement released Wednesday by Diy owner Andrew Diy.

Diy, the owner of a downtown Indianapolis entertainment company, also owns the Diy Center in Indianapolis, a restaurant called The Diy Grill, and a theater at the Diya Theater.

Diya was originally set to purchase the property from former owner John Pappamaniam, who bought the Diys and the other properties in the downtown area in 2011 for about half a million dollars.

In July 2015, Diy announced he was selling the downtown property and building a new, more upscale Indianapolis neighborhood.

The properties are part of Diy’s plans to redevelop Indianapolis’ Central Square, a large, historic district in the center of downtown that includes the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the Indianapolis Convention Center.

The new buildings will also include a rooftop garden.

Diyan also owns a building in the nearby South Bend neighborhood called the Diyan Plaza, which will house a bar, dance studios, a spa, and other amenities.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization approved a new master plan for the area in 2015, which calls for adding at least 1,500 homes and more than 1,000 businesses, and at least 2,500 new apartments and condominiums.