Answering the question, “What is your favourite flower decoration idea?”, this collection of traditional Indian crafts from India is perfect for your home decor.

With an array of floral and decorative ideas from all over the world, this collection is sure to delight even the most discerning decorator.

The collection of flower decoration ideas in this collection include:• Garter flower, the petals of the rose that form a triangle, represent the woman and mother of the groom.• Daffodil flower, a beautiful blooming shrub, symbolizes the earth and its fertility.• Gourd, a rose made from dried grasses.• Flower petals, which are the flowers of the shrub which are also a symbol of the land, representing its land.• Carpet flower, which symbolises the ground and the ground itself.• Chai flower, used as a symbol for the season of the year, it is used to symbolise the warmth and beauty of spring.• Jasmine flower, made from crushed red jasmine leaves, represents the fragrant aroma of the spring.

Source: The Hindu