A house in Melbourne’s southern suburbs is being transformed into a dining room for the festive season with a unique bowl.

Key points:The kitchen-style bowl was designed by local artist and designer Mark Ritchie and features a unique design featureThe new kitchen has a glass top and is located at the front of the house in the Lake House, Melbourne, and is set to open next monthThe decorating and lighting feature was created by Melbourne’s local artist Mark Riddle and will be displayed at the Lakehouse this autumnIt is a new design feature that was designed to create a unique dining room environment for the guests and is intended to reflect the holiday season theme of “wonderful dining”.

The decor, designed by Melbourne artist and decorator Mark Riggs, was created at the request of a client and is currently being displayed at Lakehouse.

The design features a glass fronted dining room with a glass roof, an open kitchen, and a central table area with a view of the lake.

Riggs said the idea to design the dining room came after visiting a family-run restaurant in the suburbs of North Melbourne.

“They have a family dinner on New Year’s Day and I was looking at the menu, and there was a lot of dishes they were doing that were just amazing,” he said.

“I had never seen one before.”

Mr Riggs said his idea to make a design feature was inspired by the “wondrous” decorations of a restaurant that he visited in the suburb.

“It’s a restaurant with great decor, great decor and they just have that beautiful, magical atmosphere of it being a family restaurant,” he explained.

“And so I thought, ‘I’ll put a kitchen-type bowl and have that wonderful kitchen-like look and feel’.”

The kitchen was originally installed as part of a project for the owner of the family-owned restaurant to decorate the dining rooms.

It is now being installed by Mr Riggs and his company in a way that will allow the guests to feel like they are dining in a family home.

The glass top, which will be positioned at the back of the kitchen, will have an open design element to it and features two different coloured lighting elements.

“There’s one light on the right side and one on the left side and it’ll be just a white light,” Mr Rigg said.

The water feature will be set at the rear of the dining area and will feature a large water tank.

“The tank will be completely flooded and the water will be on top of the bowl,” Mr Rhys said.

Customers will be able to select which water features they want, including one that will turn the bowl into a bubbling, bubbling pool of water.

“We’re not going to be showing any of the water that’s in the bowl, we’re just showing the water, which is actually a very simple water feature that comes from a water purification system,” he added.

Mr Rhys’ decorating company, Ritchie & Associates, is the second company to use the glass bowl to decorates dining rooms for the holidays.

The company designed and built the diningroom at the Westfield Hotel in South Yarra and the Westpac Centre in Adelaide.

“Our clients are always very enthusiastic and very, very excited about Christmas, and they like to have something to say to the family, and this is something that they’ve come to appreciate,” Mr Robins said.

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