The Globe and Mail is looking at some of the festive decorations that are already popular this year.

The holiday decorations can be as cute as a baby’s stuffed bunny, as elegant as a festive tree, or as a more romantic way to mark the holiday season, such as hanging a snowman or carrying a special treat.

Below is a list of some of our favourites this year:Christmas decorations are not limited to just the traditional holiday decorations like a traditional Christmas tree, a Christmas tree with lights, a Santa suit and a Santa beard.

There are so many options for decorations to create an extra special festive atmosphere.

Here are a few examples of what you can expect at a Christmas party.

There is also a festive decoration at the Toronto Zoo.

The Christmas tree decorations are the best of the best.

There are so much to choose from, including snowmen, festive decorations, and even the most unique Christmas decorations.

A lot of the Christmas decorations at the Zoo are designed by artist Lisa Zebedee.

You can see more Christmas decorations here.

Christmas decorations can even be made to look like the animals, such is the case at the Royal Ontario Museum.

There have been many festive decorations at Canada’s Wonderland and Canada’s Parliament buildings.

It is also popular to decorate the gardens at the Canadian Museum of History and Culture, such was the case with the Great Lawn at the National Gallery of Canada.

It’s not just about decorations.

A lot of people decorate their houses with holiday decorations, such are the designs at the H&M shop.

Some of the decorating options for Christmas can be quite elaborate, such the designs for the Canadian Pavilion at the World Exhibition in Montreal.

Christmas decorating is also something that can be done in a pinch.

You can get creative with your holiday decorations such as the Canadian Christmas tree that was created by designer Paul Osterman.

There’s even a Christmas decorating service called the ‘Happy Christmas Tree.’

This is a service that will send you a gift for your loved one every year, whether it’s a Christmas card or a Christmas cake.

Happy Christmas, friends!

Happy New Year, friends.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years!