DIY Christmas tree decorations are becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

While there are countless variations on the theme, there are some basic rules for how you can get started, and there’s no set-in-stone recipe for success.

 The DIY Christmas Tree Decorating guide by Joanna McWilliams, owner of McWilliams & Associates in Brighton, aims to help.

If you’ve got any tips for making your own DIY Christmas decor, please leave them in the comments section below.

To start, McWilliams recommends using a wooden frame.

Wood is light, sturdy and cheap.

“It’s very easy to work with and is very affordable,” she says.

McWilliams suggests buying a piece of plywood for around £1.99 from Amazon.

You can also use cardboard or tinned wood if you have one, but the price of these can be prohibitive.

Another DIY option is to buy a woodworking supply box and drill holes in the box, as well as the frame. 

The final step is to build a tree stand.

Once you’ve put the box together, use a piece a piece to make a stand. 

“It takes some patience and a lot of patience, but it’s worth it if you’re going to be decorating the house,” she adds.

“I think it’s one of the best things that can be done with the materials you have.”

To get started with DIY Christmas decoration, McWilliam suggests getting started with one or two materials.

One of the most popular Christmas decorating methods is using white paint.

“The white paint works well because it has such a nice finish,” she explains.

There are a number of ways to use white paint, such as glazing and glazing with water, or using spray paints.

For a more traditional look, McSwords recommends a small wooden box to decorate your tree stand with. 

McWilliams also suggests using coloured lights or a small mirror to highlight the decorations.

The guide also recommends using the same wood for your Christmas tree as you would for a regular Christmas tree, or a bit larger.

“If you have a lot more room for the Christmas tree to grow, you can put more decorations on top of it,” she advises.

“If it’s too small, you could make the Christmas trees stand out in the backyard.”

The DIY guide also has an extensive selection of tips for decorating your own wooden Christmas tree. 

If you’re not a fan of wooden Christmas trees, McDavid suggests trying out a different style of decorating.

A wooden Christmas ornament can be made with various materials such as wood glue, glue sticks, paper or cardboard, and can be used for the traditional, ornaments. 

However, if you like to decorating with wood, McDevitt suggests making something different from what you normally decorate with, such a wall, a shelf or a tree.

And if you want to keep your DIY decorating hobby fun, you might want to check out McWilliams’s other DIY Christmas book, The Modern Christmas Girl.

“A lot of people don’t like to do anything like this and think it is just going to look old and outdated,” she warns.

“It is quite a nice way to make something new.”

You can find out more about DIY Christmas decorations on McWilliams’ website.

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