Christmas decorations can be found throughout the cabin of the former St Andrews Abbey and can be seen throughout the Christmas tree in the St Andrews Cathedral gardens.

They can be put in any number of ways, such as in the tree or hanging on the wall.

St Andrews Abbey has a new Christmas tree which has been commissioned by a group of young children to decorate a Christmas cottage on the site of the abbey, and they are currently in the process of putting the decorations on the tree.

It’s not just the decorations which are being decorated, but the decorations themselves have been made to look like Christmas presents.

The decorations are decorated in the traditional style, but with the addition of a new set of lights.

They are set up in the centre of the room and have a different style of light fixture that creates a sense of intimacy.

The lights are decorated by using a mixture of white and silver, and the centrepiece is the ‘Christmas tree’.

The lights, which are covered with coloured plastic and covered with Christmas tree decorations, are covered in a white plastic sheet that hangs on a branch that is covered with red and white Christmas trees.

The centrepiece of the Christmas display is the tree which is decorated with coloured Christmas trees, with a Christmas tree that looks like a tree, a Santa Claus figure and the words “Treat Me” painted on it.

The Christmas decorations are part of a series of Christmas decorations which will be placed in the new Christmas cabin which was built at the abbate in September.

A total of 11 Christmas decorations will be installed on the new cabin, with the remaining two in the old abbey.

St Andrew’s Abbey is also set to celebrate its 125th anniversary next year, with an opening of the new chapel on September 17.