The home and decor aisle of the website Expedia is a very crowded place, but we were surprised to see some interesting offerings for those looking for something a little more traditional.

The most notable new entry on the site is the Man Cave Room.

This is a room in the main living room of the house, and the price tag is pretty impressive: $9,950 for the entire space, or $3,350 a square foot.

In terms of rooms, the cheapest of the bunch is the “Man Cave Room.”

This $1,495.99 home decor room has a very minimalist design, with just a bed and a couch.

The walls are made from recycled fiberglass, and there’s a sliding glass door that opens onto a beautiful patio that overlooks the garden.

It has a nice, dark wood finish, and is well-designed for its size.

There’s also a $2,350.99 room on the opposite end of the room, which features a beautiful ceiling and a wall-mounted TV.

The kitchen is also a little bit more expensive: $2.2 million for the space, which includes a fireplace, stove, oven, and refrigerator.

This space has a great view of the city, but also serves as a private meeting place, where you can eat and hang out.

We also found a $1.9 million room for sale at the home and garden market, which has a lot of cool features, including a private fireplace, a pool table, and an open fire pit.

Here’s what else you can get for your $2 million home: The best thing about this room is that it’s so small: $1 million for this one.

When you’re looking for a room that’s a little out of the way, look no further than the Man Room.

This room has the most features of any of the other rooms on the website, including an open fireplace, which can be turned into a fire pit, and a walk-in shower.

This room has also got a private walk-out door that can be used to shower and lounge in, or even take a nap in.

If you want a little extra space, the Man Bedroom offers a very simple layout with a sofa, a chair, and bookshelves.

This price tag comes with a built-in TV, which you can turn into a wall.

It’s also made of recycled fiber.

It is the perfect room for those who need more room, and who want to save a little money on their new home.