In the summertime, when the temperatures are hot and the air is crisp, it’s easy to forget just how cozy it is to be inside your own home. 

If your backyard is decorated with the rustic feel of winter, however, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how cozy this place can be. 

There are so many possibilities here. 

The garden is a perfect spot to enjoy the wintertime heat and be entertained by the festive music of the fireplaces. 

Then, the kitchen, located on the opposite side of the house, is the perfect place to start your winter holiday. 

I love to use the fireplace to cook and enjoy a nice pot of warm, hearty stew, while enjoying the warmth of the winter sun on the countertop. 

And there are so, so many ways to decorate the kitchen. 

It’s so much fun to mix up and customize the decor to fit the space and decorating style you’re in. 

These ideas can be enjoyed year-round and can really enhance the feeling of your house. 

But, there are always so many other ideas that will work in your backyard, so feel free to add some to your Christmas decorations. 

Make a rustic, summer-themed farmhouse Christmas decor!

    How to make an rustic Christmas decor? 

The rustic look is achieved by placing a few coats of decorative steel root tile. 

You’ll need to start with the most basic steel root, and then work your way up to more elaborate ones to make it truly rustic. 

For a rustically rustic kitchen, you can go with an open kitchen that has an open fireplace and a wooden table that has a rusting wood finish. 

Also, make sure you use the most rustic of the decorative tiles that are available, like a simple rustic iron. 

While this can be a great alternative to wood, you’re better off using an iron that’s easy on the eyes and a bit more rustic for your kitchen. 

 Rustic fireplace decor is a popular option for home décor. 

(Image credit: Facebook) If you’re not sure how to make rustic fireplaces, check out this video from my sister-in-law. 

That way, you won’t have to worry about the fire setting off sparklers when you walk in the house.

And, it doesn’t take a lot of money either. 

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What do you think? 

Do you have an idea for a rustical, rustic summer-inspired kitchen decoration?