A new wild boar is living among trees in southern Georgia.

This week, the animal has been spotted by the owner of a home in a rural community near Atlanta.

The animal was first spotted by local resident Michael Johnson, who noticed it at 6 a.m.


He says the animal was “quite a sight.”

Johnson says he was out hiking on Saturday when he saw the animal.

“It was kind of hiding under a tree,” Johnson told local ABC affiliate WSB.

“I thought it was probably in there.”

“I came back to the house and looked and it was sitting there,” he added.

Johnson said he found the animal when he returned to his house, where he noticed a number of footprints.

He said the animal looked like it was a male.

He said he was not sure whether it was male or female.

According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, there are about 10 wild boarians living in the state.

One of the most notable wild boari is known as the “White Widow,” a female with red markings.

The boar has been found in several different locations, including in Georgia, South Carolina and the Virgin Islands.

Another wild boarist known as “Big Bob” is also a female.

In addition to being the largest boar, Big Bob has the largest body length and is the largest of the wild boaris.