Cake decorators have become a cottage industry and some are better known for their work than others.

Here’s a list of the best.


Cake decorator Rachel Smith (Picture: Ella Byworth for Independent)Rachel Smith is one of the more popular cake decorator in the UK.

She’s been making cakes for years and has a knack for crafting a beautiful cake that looks just as good with a simple decorating trick.

She also makes some amazing cakes for friends.

She said: ‘I love the fact that I can create something that I love and it’s a piece of cake that I think people will be excited about.’

The best cake decorers Rachel Smith 2.

Rachel Smith, owner of Ella byworth (Picture : Ella Burdett for Independent)*Rachel is a professional cake decorater and a former member of the British Royal Mint.

Rachel says her love of cakes started at school, when she took her friend’s birthday cake for Christmas and made a stunningly beautiful cake.

Rachel also loves the attention and praise she gets from her clients.

Rachel said: I enjoy working with clients who have a passion for their creations and who are also really passionate about creating a cake that they will be proud to decorate.

Rachel is an award-winning decorator and the author of The Cake Book, a book that helps clients create beautiful, customised cakes.


The ‘Girly’ cake decoration technique Rachel uses to create beautiful cakes is called the ‘Glorious’ cake decoration technique.

It involves carefully gluing together various colours, shapes and textures to create the perfect, golden, girly cake.

It also involves a lot of colour.

Rachel explains: ‘The colour that I use is pink for the top layer, and then the chocolate on top.

The chocolate layer is very important to have.

It helps to make the cake stick together.

‘The chocolate layer has to be bright, it has to look shiny and it has the perfect texture.’

The cake has to have the perfect colour on it and that’s why I love using sparkles and gold on my cakes.’

Rachel also says the cakes that she makes have to look beautiful.

‘I think a beautiful picture has to go with a beautiful design,’ she said.

Rachel has been a professional for 10 years and she works in the US and Australia.


The best DIY cake decorations Rachel has tried is using the same technique that she uses for her clients (Picture the artist in the above photo is Rebecca Burdetta).

Rachel uses the same cake decor decorating technique as Rachels husband, who also uses a cake decorer.

Rebecca is also a professional and has been making cake decor for 20 years.

Rebecca said: It’s a little bit more complex than Rachels, but it’s the same process.

You can have a cake on the same day and then when you’re ready, you can bake it in the same way, and the cake is baked the same time.

Rebecca also said that the process for making her cake is the same.


Rachel uses a little trick to make her cakes look gorgeous (Picture Rachel Burdette*)(Picture: Rachel Bredett for*Rachel said she uses a ‘glorious cake decoring technique’ that is not quite as intricate as Rachel’s.

Rachel explained: The process of creating a lovely cake can be a little different depending on what your cake decorates look like.

For me, it’s pretty simple.

I can make a lovely, shiny cake.

The other thing I can do is make something that looks like a cake and then I add some chocolate, sprinkles and flowers and I do it all in one day.

Rachel told us that if you use the same techniques you’ll find it easier to create a lovely design.

Rachel and Rebecca have been making their cake decorals for 10 year.


The Cake Kitchen’s new Cake Decorating Book Rachel says she has used the Cake Kitchen book to learn more about cake decor, the process of making cakes and the best decorators to work with.

Rachel started her career at the age of 18 and works in all parts of the world.

She has a passion to make beautiful, unique and customised cake designs.

Rachel, Rebecca and the other Cake Kitchen staff are passionate about helping others to create their dream cakes.

Rachel now works at the Cake House in London.


The perfect cake decorate Rachel has created some truly stunning cakes.

She told us she is particularly passionate about cakes that are ‘girly’.

Rachel said the ‘gravitas’ in her cakes can be just as beautiful as the icing.

Rachel loves the fact she is able to create such beautiful cakes that her clients will be really proud of.

Rachel added: ‘It’s about putting together a beautiful, glamorous, unique cake and I think that’s what makes it beautiful.’

Rachel and her partner Rebecca have made cakes for couples and families for 10-plus years