How to decorate your living room walls in style.

You’ll need: Wall panels, paint, glue, tape, scissors, scissors paper, chalk, paint brush, paintbrush applicator, painter’s tape.

Wall decorating is a simple but effective way to add personality to your living space.

Make your wall a splash of color with these six simple steps:1.

Decorate your walls with glitter and decorate the edges with glitter.

This is a great way to create a splash or a splashy effect.

Use glitter, glittery paint, glitter spray or glittery chalk to add a sparkle to the wall.2.

Paint your wall with glitter, glue or chalk.3.

Paint glitter on the edges of your wall.4.

Paint the glitter on your glitter.5.

Glitter on the glitter.6.

Glitch on the glow on your wall for a fun, bright and vibrant effect.