At least 12 minecraft decor decorations were returned to the National Parks Service this year, a department spokesman said.

The decorations were removed due to concerns about potential vandalism.

The decorations are part of the agency’s commitment to keep our parks accessible and inviting, and the department’s goal is to make every experience in the parks more fun, safe, and accessible.

In 2015, the department removed decorations from the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol, and other monuments to show visitors the effects of the Great Depression on the nation.

The decorations were placed on the National Mall in 2017 to show how people and the environment had been impacted by the Great Recession.

I hope you enjoy your holiday decorating in the National parks, Parks and Resorts spokesperson Eric Cressey said in a statement.

More than a million people visit the parks each year, including tens of thousands of people who visit with family and friends.

The National Park Service’s Christmas decorations are one of the many attractions that have made the parks an attraction for the past three decades.