The best way to look your best in your cubicle, office or home is to use the best of the best, said Diane Lutz, author of the new book, The Top Ten Best Interior Design Tips for You and Your Organization.

Here’s how to get the best results for your office or office decor, Lutz told ABC News.1.

Make a good decision to decorate your space.

The easiest way to get your office, home or office environment looking great is to make a good choice, said Lutz.

“It’s not just choosing a color, but you have to pick something that works with the rest of the space.”2.

Choose the right decor pieces for your decor pieces.

There are many different options for office decor pieces, she said.

The key is to choose pieces that have the right amount of color, text, design elements and feel.

“For your office space, I would suggest a lot of textured materials,” Lutz said.3.

Make sure your office furniture is functional.

Decorating your office is important for your business.

“I would recommend a lot more functional pieces than just decorative, because you’re creating more value for your customer by adding value to your space,” she said, noting that the office furniture can add more value than a standard desk.4.

Consider whether to paint or add color to your decor.

Lutz said it is important to use good quality materials in your decorating.

“For a desk, it can be really nice to have an attractive wood, but there are many pieces that are not very functional,” she explained.

She said the same goes for your furniture, such as your desk lamps.

“They need to be functional and beautiful,” she added.5.

Make your office accessible.

You can make your office more accessible with the right furniture and decorations, Luts said.

“A lot of the time, people don’t like to have a hard surface to stand on, so they don’t have access to the desk,” she noted.6.

Choose a good color for your desk, desk lamp and desk furniture.

“You want to make sure you use the right colors, because the colors make it look very professional,” Luts explained.7.

Make an office or workspace feel welcoming.

A large, comfortable chair or desk, which is a great way to create a sense of community and community feel, is one of the most important things for creating a welcoming work environment, Litz said.

To get the most out of your workspace, she suggested adding some shade and lighting to your furniture.8.

Choose your office decor piece that has an impact on the environment.

“It’s important that it has a positive impact on people’s lives, not just for your staff but for people around the world,” she suggested.

“This can be about creating a sense that everyone is working together to achieve something, whether that’s to address global issues or just to do something positive in their communities.”9.

Keep a good record of what you’re doing and what you’ve bought.

Luts said it’s important to make notes of what items you’ve purchased and how you spent them.

“In a lot the office decor that I looked at, there were some items that were purchased for the office,” she stated.

“There was also some that were bought for the community, like the bookshelves.”

“The best way for a person to remember is to have one of their business cards, a business card or a business note,” she continued.

“Then there’s a little journal that you keep in your phone that’s filled with what you bought and how much you spent.”

Luts suggested keeping a list of what’s on your desk and where you’ve been.

“If you can put it in a place where people can find it, they can do it, she added, adding that the more of your office that you create, the more the people around you will benefit.10.

Keep your workspace clean and safe.

Keep your floors, walls and furniture in a safe condition, but not to a state of disrepair,” she advised.