4 new app designs that are being announced this week are worth keeping an eye on for a variety of reasons.

Here’s what to expect.

Read More , and the following apps that are part of a new batch of Android apps are all free to download on Google Play and will include the new Google Now Launcher and the Google Search App for Android, respectively.

Some of these apps will also be available in other Google Play Store regions and the company has shared that it is also planning to launch an Android Wear app to the Play Store in the coming months.

These apps, which are being launched with the Google Play launcher, will offer a similar interface to the existing Google Now and Google Search apps.

They also come with the familiar and familiar Google Now launcher, the ability to access Google Now from the home screen, and a number of Google Play Services including the new Gmail, YouTube, and Maps apps.

The Google Now, Google Search, and Google Play services are not yet available in the Chrome Web Store, but we’re sure that they will soon be.

If you have a Nexus 5 or newer Android device and you want to see what these new Android apps look like, head over to the official Google Play store to check out these new apps.