— When a Georgia police officer shot and killed an unarmed dog, a family was devastated.

The dog’s owners were devastated.

Now, that family is looking for justice and justice alone.

In December 2015, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation launched a criminal investigation into Officer Chris Carter, who fatally shot the dog.

But the dog’s owner, David Miller, says the investigation never got off the ground.

Miller is the only person who has ever sued the city of Augusta and the police department in the case.

In court papers filed in November, Miller’s attorney said Carter should be charged with animal cruelty, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

Miller says Carter has been treated unfairly.

He says the officer did not have his dogs license or carry a firearm and that Carter fired his weapon accidentally.

He says he was never told that the dog was the one that was shot.

He also says Carter lied to him about the dog, saying he shot the cat instead of the dog when he said the dog had hit him.

“I have not received any communication from the police Department, the city or the state,” Miller said.

“They’ve told me nothing.”

The Georgia Bureau Of Investigation is now investigating the case and the Augusta Police Department says it’s cooperating with the investigation.

The dog’s death came as police were trying to prevent a crowd from entering a bar.

Officers had barricaded the doors of the bar with a metal gate, but they were unable to close the door when the crowd showed up.

That’s when Carter shot the two dogs.

“They were trying desperately to get away from the crowd,” said Lisa Ragsdale, the former director of animal care at the Humane Society of the United States.

“But there was no way for them to get out of there.

It was a tragic accident.

They were just trying to get the dogs out.”

Miller said he feels bad about the death of his beloved dog.

He said the two officers were trained for the job and had never killed anyone.

“There was no doubt they knew their job and they were trained to be in that position,” Miller told The Associated Press.

“The officer who shot the dogs, when he fired the shots, was trained for that job.

That was never in doubt.

It’s just a tragic death.”

The case is currently before a grand jury in Augusta.

Miller has hired a lawyer and wants to present a lawsuit against the city and police department.

He is also asking the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia to launch a civil rights investigation into the shooting.