Christmas decorations in girls rooms are one of the best ways to make sure everyone is happy at the Christmas party.

But the decorations have been controversial in the past and are no longer welcome in the UK.

Here are some things to consider before you buy Christmas decorations.1.

The decorations have to be suitable for the age of the children.

It is not safe for young children to sit or stand in a room with decorations and they are likely to get sick from the fumes and odours of the candles.2.

Children need to have enough room to move around the room.

If there are no suitable options available in the room, children are most likely to sit in a nearby chair or other suitable seat.3.

The decor should not contain any food or drink.4.

The colours should be suitable, they should not make a mess and should not be distracting.5.

The space should not have a smell of chemicals, mould or dust.6.

Children must not touch any part of the decor and the room must be clean.7.

The lights must be visible to all, and children must not be able to see any part.8.

There must be plenty of space for the children to move about, and they should be allowed to play and explore.9.

The room should have a clear window to allow light and ventilation.10.

The colour and design of the decoration must not make the room uncomfortable.11.

There should be no unnecessary clutter or decorations.12.

The area must be well ventilated.13.

The lighting must be comfortable and unobtrusive.14.

The materials used must be suitable and safe for use.15.

Children should be able in the Christmas decorations to look around and explore without being disturbed.


The Christmas decorations must not create any unnecessary noise.17.

It must not cause any damage to the house or property.18.

The decoration must be safe and appropriate for children.19.

The toys must not interfere with the decor.20.

The curtains and decorations must have appropriate shapes and colours.

This article originally appeared on Business Insider UK.