With a new office and floor, this $200K office decor for a $200k apartment may seem pricey, but it is truly an investment in a beautiful piece of home decor.

The decor is done with reclaimed materials sourced from local landscaping and is a bit more subtle than a standard office space.

If you can’t resist the color, this office wall will make a great addition to your home.

 “It’s a bit of a hidden gem in our area.

We’ve had a lot of people say they can’t believe how much they love this place,” said Laura, who works at a local nonprofit and has two children.

“I have to tell you, it really is one of those pieces of art that you just want to share with everyone and show off to everyone.”

Laura says the decor is a little more subtle in tone than a traditional office, but is more than worth it.

“It’s very elegant, and you can definitely make this into a home-inspired space.

The color is gorgeous.

It’s very classy.

It looks like a big house.

I think this is a really good place for kids and families.”

 Laura says she has had quite a few clients come and visit her at her home.

“A lot of the people come and say they love the idea of having a space that’s just like a house.

They can be at their desks or their kitchen table, they can be working from home,” she said.

“They can sit on their own couches and have a great space to work in.”

Laura says that she likes the way the design of the decor has a little bit of an edgy feel to it, which is important to her clientele.

“The idea of a modern office space that is completely in harmony with the natural environment is very much something I like,” she explained.

“This is not an office that is being run by an architect.

This is an office where we are creating an office space and making it a little modern and modern-looking.

I love that idea.

It has a beautiful vibe to it.”

The home is also designed to be easy on the budget, with a kitchenette and a dining area, and the walls and ceiling are painted to match the wood floors and walls.

For more information on the office wall decor, visit www.paulandlaura.com or call 757-924-3999.