By design, Christmas trees are a common sight at Christmas parties, but a new LED-lit tree is proving popular.

According to the Wall Street Journal, LED-lights are a great alternative to traditional bulbs, because they don’t require batteries, are easy to control, and can be programmed to flash colors on and off.

LEDs are typically more expensive than traditional bulbs but are much less bulky.LEDs also make it easier to install and maintain, since they can be installed and removed from the wall in a matter of seconds.

Plus, they can even be used on the holiday tree itself, which makes them ideal for decorating.

Here’s how to make your own LED Christmas tree.1.

Cut a 6-inch (15.5-cm) piece of plywood and lay it flat.2.

Place the piece of wood on the middle of the tree, leaving an opening that allows you to hang the tree from the ceiling.3.

Add two pieces of fabric on top of the fabric to cover the edges of the plywood.4.

Place two pieces in the middle to form the trunk.5.

Cut two pieces off the bottom and lay them down in the center of the trunk as well.6.

Attach the top of one of the two pieces to the middle piece, creating the base.7.

Use the top piece to attach the second piece of fabric, and then attach the other piece to the center piece.8.

Make the canopy.9.

Attaching the fabric on the center to the two branches is a little tricky, but it works out.10.

Cut out the lights and attach them to the fabric.11.

Start your tree!

The lights can be turned on and turned off at will.