I spent a lot of time decorating my living room to celebrate my upcoming graduation, but my husband and I also wanted to celebrate with a new style of decor.

The idea was to use our lovely kitchen and the new house decoration to make a lovely, stylish, and unique graduation cap.

We bought these lovely metal wedding bands from Ebay and had them made to fit our graduation cap!

I made my own wedding bands, which are made with a high-quality wood, and cut them out using the scissors.

They are made to the exact dimensions of the cap, and they have the perfect length and width.

I also decorated the ceiling and the walls with rose petals and ribbon.

When I finished decorating, I put the cap on and started decorating!

I love how easy it is to decorate this beautiful room, and I love to see the result when I put it on!

When you decorate, make sure to get your flowers and candles ready for your ceremony, as well as any other decorations that you may have planned.

If you want to make your own wedding band, you can buy a handmade one from Etsy for $5-10 and it can be made to order.

These pictures are taken from my wedding, and the first picture is of my son wearing the wedding band.

You can decorate the inside of your house in the same way that you decorated your bedroom and living room.

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