I know you’ve been asking yourself the question: Why is there a difference between the sunflowers I saw on the street and the ones I saw at home?

Well, it turns out that not all cities have the same variety of plants.

Here are 20 of the best places to buy sunflower decorations around the country.1.

San Diego, California2.

Minneapolis, Minnesota3.

Detroit, Michigan4.

Austin, Texas5.

Seattle, Washington6.

Denver, Colorado7.

Atlanta, Georgia8.

Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota9.

Boston, Massachusetts10.

Washington, D.C.11.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania12.

Miami, Florida13.

New Orleans, La.14.

Houston, Texas15.

Dallas, Texas16.

Nashville, Tennessee17.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin18.

Cincinnati, Ohio19.

Chicago, Illinois20.

Boston (Boston)22.

Los Angeles, California23.

New York City, New York24.

Indianapolis, Indiana25.

Chicago (I-80)26.

Dallas (Texas)27.

Detroit (Ford Motor Company)28.

Los Angles, California29.

Baltimore, Maryland30.

Milwaukee (Ford)31.

San Antonio, Texas32.

San Francisco, California33.

Indianapolis (Cranberry Street Station)34.

Raleigh, North Carolina35.

Houston (Sandy Springs Metro)36.

Atlanta (Metro)37.

Columbus, Ohio38.

Cincinnati (City Park)39.

Pittsburgh (Horseshoe Brewery)40.

Boston College (Bennie Beam Center)41.

Kansas City, Missouri42.

Detroit-Warren-Snyder (Warren Field)43.

Indianapolis-Canton (Indiana University)44.

Chicago-Naperville-Goshen (Midtown Music Hall)45.

Austin-Round Rock (Austin Convention Center)46.

Atlanta-Sandy (Center City)47.

Indianapolis/Indianapolis (Buckhead)48.


New Jersey (Liberty Mutual Insurance Company)50.

Cleveland(Ohio-Newark International Airport)