A man’s trousers can become a problem when his pants are tight, according to a new study.

Men who wear tight pants often feel a little “fidgety” and may feel uncomfortable, according the study.

Men who wear shorts can also feel more relaxed and have a more comfortable erection, according To The New York Times.

In a study by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the researchers asked more than 1,500 men to measure their erections and sexual function with an electrocardiogram (ECG).

The study looked at a wide variety of factors, including height, weight, and body shape, as well as a body mass index (BMI).

The average BMI of men in the study was 29.4, with a range of 27.5-29.8.

In other words, about 30 percent of men who were measured with the ECG reported that their erectile function was impaired.

The researchers also looked at the participants’ sexual satisfaction and perceived sexual attractiveness.

They found that men with short trousers were rated as less attractive than men with longer trousers.

The researchers then used the data to find out why people feel the way they do.

For one, men who have a short waist can be seen as more “fattish,” the researchers wrote in their study.

In fact, “a recent meta-analysis found that shorter waist is associated with lower sexual satisfaction among women and men.”

The researchers added that shorter trousers were also associated with a higher risk of contracting STIs, including HIV.

They also found that a higher BMI could be linked to an increased risk of getting cancer.

“For women who are overweight or obese, a higher body mass Index is associated to higher rates of CVD, cancer, and cardiovascular disease, among other things,” the study’s authors wrote.

According to the researchers, men may also feel uncomfortable when wearing shorts because they are uncomfortable while walking around and at work.

They added that the increased risk could have a negative effect on men’s sexual function.