The cost of a $4.5 million wall decoration could rise to $5 million if the Cleveland Browns have any luck getting a home buyer to accept a $1.3 million reported that the Browns’ former home, the Cleveland Metroparks, could be renovated to the same standard as the current one, which has already cost more than $2 million to install.

If the Browns were to buy the Browns stadium from the state of Ohio, they would have to pay $1 million for the renovation and $1,000 per season for a home.

The Browns’ home is now home to the Browns, the team’s longtime home in Cleveland.

The Browns have had renovations in the past, including a $7 million renovation in 2014 that was completed in just four days.

The team will have to make more payments to the Metropark for the new $5.5-million renovations to the home, which would cost the Browns $1 billion.

The renovation was supposed to be completed by the end of the year, but the Browns could still be forced to make payments to Metropards for the remaining two years of renovations.

The cost of the $4 million wall was first reported by