It’s not just decorations that can fall on your face, though.

Christmas decorations can also fall on other people’s faces, and the same can happen with real ones.

Here are a few tips to help make sure your fake grinch is no less creepy.1.

Don’t touch your fake Christmas tree if you’re wearing makeup or make-up2.

Don´t use a fake tree for a fake face3.

Don™t make your fake tree into a faux nose4.

DonÙt put a fake nose on your fake Santa5.

Don’t use the fake Santa hat as a fake hairpiece6.

Don*t wear your fake head as a mask7.

Don�t wear fake glasses as a face mask8.

Don don a fake beard9.

Don’™ t make your beard look like a real beard10.

Donʙt wear a fake headdress as a facial mask11.

Doní�t go through the trouble of making a fake Christmas card12.

Donât wear any face masks, facial creams, or body lotions13.

Don¢t use face masks or facial cream as a disguise14.

DonDon’t wear fake eyeliner15.

Don Don’t use makeup as a facelift16.

DonUse facial mask or facelife17.

DonIf you don™te have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below!