You may have noticed the bar at your local coffee shop has been getting an update in the past couple weeks.

Bar owners say the bar is getting a facelift, but they are also seeing some customers take notice.

It’s been more than a year since the bar’s owner, Mark Baranowski, opened his bar in the old Capitol Hill district, and he’s been working to make the space more inviting and inviting for locals and tourists alike.

Since opening, Baranowski has added more tables, more seating and a larger patio area.

“We were just working on that, but I think people are starting to see the change in the bar, and that’s exciting,” Baranowsky said.

The bar has a new bar menu and a more relaxed vibe than it had before.

The bar also has expanded seating to a bar at the front of the bar.

This past spring, Barantowsky had a new vision for the space.

He wanted the bar to be more welcoming to guests, which meant a smaller space that could accommodate a more casual dining experience.

“We really just wanted to try to be less like the old bar and more like the coffee shop, but in a way that’s also comfortable and cool,” Barantowski said.

A new patio is also in the works, which will have more seating for a larger group of patrons.

Now, Barandowski says he’s just got to figure out what’s best for the neighborhood.

“It’s a big thing for us to do, but it’s also kind of like a job, right?

You don’t just get a job and get laid off,” he said.

Baranowski says he wants the neighborhood to be aware of the changes.

“What do we want to do with it?”

Baranowksi said.

“Is it a little bit more fun?

Is it more accessible?

Is there more space for people to sit?

That’s what we’re trying to figure it out.”

Baranowskis new bar is also getting a lot of attention.

It’s getting more attention in the neighborhood as people start to notice its location.

You might have noticed some bar owners in your neighborhood are talking about making bar renovations to attract more people.

Barandowsk was inspired by the new bar at his favorite coffee shop.

When Barandowkski opened his coffee shop in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, the space was so small, and it was in such a state that there was just no room for a bar.

Baranewski said the space needed a facepalm.

“If I can’t make it better, it’s really hard to make it worse, and you really want to make your place better, you want to give people a good time, you don’t want to leave anything out,” Barandowsky said, laughing.

There’s no denying that Barandowski is taking the new space into account.

The area around the Capitol is starting to get busier, which is great for the coffee shops, Bara and Baranovski said.

The bar’s renovation is scheduled to start in late fall.