Blue Christmas decorations and Christmas lights are everywhere in the United States, from malls to churches, and even on Christmas tree stands.

Some even make their way into public parks.

But a few years ago, a few people started to notice that blue Christmas decorations are actually a fairly common sight in the country.

One of those people is the Texas-based graphic designer, and he decided to take a look at the trend.

He noticed that many decorations had a Christmas motif, but they weren’t blue.

And he decided he wanted to do something different, and that was to design his own holiday decor.

He called it “blue Christmas.”

The design process started off with a design idea.

He started out by thinking about what Christmas was supposed to be, and what people in his own city were looking for in Christmas.

And then, he thought, what kind of decor could make it more accessible to the public, while still making it a unique gift.

And that led to the idea for a holiday decor, and the idea to create it on a 3D printer.

The result was a Christmas-themed Christmas tree stand with colorful lights, festive lights, and decorations that would be accessible to people in the Dallas area.

That’s a pretty cool design idea, says Steve Soto, the founder of the graphic design company and designer of the blue Christmas decor.

But he’s more interested in the idea of the Christmas decor being made on a print-on-demand service.

He says his company, Blue Christmas Designs, has been able to design decorations for companies such as The Disney Company, the American Museum of Natural History, and The National Museum of American History.

In his blog, he explains how the 3D printing technology he uses allows him to make the decorations on demand.

Soto says the technology is a combination of additive and subtractive printing, which is a process where you add layers of different materials together to create a pattern.

He explains that the pattern is then printed onto a 3-D printer to create the finished product.

He said the technology works well, but he has a few other challenges that need to be addressed before the decorations will be available.

For one thing, the decorations aren’t available to the general public.

“We have to make sure that it’s something people can’t purchase in a retail store,” he said.

He also said that some of the decorations might not look like they belong in a Christmas tree.

“They might not be the most elegant of decorations, and they may not look very festive, but you can still wear them and enjoy them,” he explained.

“It’s not a holiday tree, but it’s still a beautiful Christmas decoration.”

And for a few more years, there will be only a limited number of these 3D printed Christmas decorations available for purchase in the US.

But in an interview with the Dallas Morning News, Soto said he plans to expand the company’s product lineup and to expand to other countries.

“In the long run, we want to expand globally,” he told the paper.

“So we have plans to do that.”

In the meantime, Sotos has a number of other plans.

He plans to add a little more decoration to his shop.

He wants to put up a few of the decorated Christmas trees that were created in Dallas to make it a little bit more festive.

“I’m not going to stop there,” he joked.

And in the meantime? “

As the years go by, I think we’ll keep doing things like that,” he added.

And in the meantime?

“That is my plan,” he concluded.

“And if anyone wants a blue Christmas, they’re going to have to be able to find one in Dallas.” _____