We all love decorateings but who doesn’t love cakes, cakes and cookies?

And, of course, decorating desserts is fun.

However, many decorators don’t have the same passion for decorating sugar cookies, so they’re not sure how to decorate them well.

So how do decorators decorate their cakes, biscuits, muffins and other dessert items?

Below, we’ll help you decorate your dessert or dessert decorating project.


Find out what you want decorating 2.

Make your plan ahead of time 3.

Cut out the plan and go with it!4.

Use a large circle for decor, so you don’t overwork it or use too much material.5.

Decorate with a simple black icing.

You don’t want to use too many layers of icing, and you want it to be a little less than a dot.

If it’s a little too much icing, cut it out with a small knife.6.

Place a white background on the cake.

It can be a simple white icing or a decorative black background.7.

Add a white star to the cake, star on top of the star and white background.8.

Add icing to the bottom of the cake and white backgrounds.9.

Add some frosting and decorations to the center.10.

Add other decorations to fill the cake with a smile.11.

Add sprinkles and decoration to the sides.12.

Add more decorations to add a little extra flair.13.

Remove any icing and add some of your favorite decoration or frosting.14.

Add another layer of icing or frosted decor to the edges of the frosting to give it a little more flair.15.

Finish off your cake with another layer or more frosting or decorations.16.

Add an optional cake decoration or decor to create a unique dessert.17.

Enjoy your cake!18.

Make a decorating plan for the cake you’re decorating.19.

Take the cake out to decorat with a favorite decorating technique, and let the decorators help you.

If you want to decorating cake, cookies or other desserts, check out our decorating tips to help you make a great cake decorating adventure.